Summer Saving Hacks 💡☀️

Summer is coming and the temperatures are about to skyrocket. With the cost of household power constantly on the rise, save power and reduce your bills with these tips!

1. Change your set temperature by 1 or 2 degrees

changing the temperature on your cooling system to 1 degree warmer than you normally would can cut your cooling costs by 10%.

2. Consider using a fan instead of the air con

Fans are much cheaper to run than the air con and can be directed exactly where you need them.

3. Open more than one window

Having windows open on wither side of your house can allow cool breeze to flow through your home and help cool it down.

4. Keep your freezer full

Making sure your freezer is well stocked is a great way to reduce power. The frozen food acts as insulation for itself and means your freezer doesn't have to work as hard.

5. Close your curtains

Closing curtains and blinds can help insulate your home and keep the sun from heating up your house, meaning lower cooling costs.

6. Plant shady trees, wall vines and thick shrubs

Think about shade covering for not only windows but walls and roofs as well. Planting smart for summer can cool a home by up to 12 degrees

7. Service your air con

Ensuring your air conditioner is in good shape and running smoothly by regularly cleaning or replacing the filter. If replacing your air conditioner, research energy efficient systems and ensure you buy to suit your home!

Your energy supplier’s website will have more tips on how to save energy in summer and throughout the year. You’ll also find information on current incentive schemes, and how to take advantage of off-peak power savings.


- Energy Australia

- Kiwi Families

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