Electricial Inspections
  • We do all types of electrical inspections including...

  • Certificates of Verification (COV) for premises that have been disconnected for more than 6 months

    (A power network company requirement).

  • Re-inspections of existing premises for safety or insurance purposes.

  • Assessments for fire/flood/insurance quotes.

  • Test existing house wiring for Sale Agreements

  • New Mains Connections

  • Conway and Carpenter has a registered Electrical Inspector with over 15 year experience.

  • Inspections of electrics are required for a variety of personal and professional requirements.

  • Caravan electrical WOF is required every 4 years and must be completed by a qualified Electrical Inspectors.

  • Any new building, renovation or addition that involves wiring requires and electrical inspection.

  • This includes outbuildings with power and power supplies for builders.