Same People, Same Service, Now Backed by Aotea Group

We are pleased to inform our loyal customers that Conway & Carpenter Electrical is now part of the Aotea Group of Companies.

Conway & Carpenter and Aotea are excited about this opportunity and want to assure our customers that they will continue to receive the same level of professional service that Conway & Carpenter have provided to the Te Puke and wider community for the last 90 years.

We will continue to trade as Conway & Carpenter Electrical and operate from the same premises as we have done for the last 25 years and you will see the same faces around the community.

Being part of Aotea benefits Conway & Carpenter by having the support, experience and resources, of a nationwide team of over 1100 staff. We ensure you that the reputation we have built over the years will be maintained, and that the high standard of service and professionalism will remain untarnished.

We have complete faith that Aotea Electric has the experience, resources and ability to maintain Conway & Carpenter Electrical to the highest possible standard.

We want to thank our trusted clients for their loyalty and support, and for their understanding throughout this process.

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