3 Reasons to Service Your Frost Protection

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Having frost protection in place is a great way to ensure your crops are out of harms way when those nasty below 0 mornings hit. So why do you need to get your frost protection checked? Here's why:

1. Ensure your Frost Protection is in Perfect Working Order

This one might seem obvious, but it's easy to assume your frost protection will be in perfect working order since it was last season. Lack of use is the major cause of failure in frost fans, so if you haven't used yours in a while, get them checked well before you need them!

2. Avoid Costly Breakdowns in the Spring & Autumn Frost Seasons

If your frost protection hasn't been serviced and there are any faults present, you could be at risk of your equipment breaking down in a very costly way. Should your equipment stop working, not only are you at risk of expensive downtime and lost produce, but the breakdown can be more expensive to repair.

3. Effectiveness Could be Reduced

If your frost protection hasn't been serviced or checked for faults, you could be running your equipment at a lessened rate of effectiveness. This may result in your produce not being adequately protected from harsh frosts, meaning a big loss in revenue.

Testing and servicing of your sprays and other frost protection equipment is essential to making sure you aren't left out in the cold this frost season.

Getting your servicing done before you need to use your frost protection can save you any downtime and lost revenue. Call us now to arrange your service! 

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