Domestic, Rural, Industrial and Commercial.

New Installations. 
Maintenance and Upgrades.


Bintips, Packing Machines, grading machines, coolstore control, compressor control, irrigation schemes, frost protection, effluent control.

Kiwifruit Packhouse

Maintenance of existing electrical systems.  

Install and upgrade lighting.  

Power distribution.


Cowshed maintenance and new builds.

Automation and logging.

Effluent Control.

Vat monitoring and alerting.


Temperature monitoring and alerting. Compressor control with Variable Speed Devices.


Irrigation, frost protection, water usage logging, compliance monitoring and reporting via IOT and cloud services.

Industrial Safety

Up to Category 4 Safety systems installed and tested.

Wireless Telemetry

Remote devices connected by radio and IOT to cloud services for real time monitoring and control.

Electricial Inspections

New mains, reconnection inspections, test existing house wiring for sale agreements.

Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

Electrical appliance testing for safety and insurance compliance.

Caravan WOEF

4 yearly electrical testing of portable buildings for site compliance.


Installation of trust power meters for new sites.

Separation to multiple meters.

Cable Location

Digging a hole? Bad Power to the Shed? We can find the cables underground before someone puts a spade through them.


Prevention is the best maintenance. Find faults before they occur with our temperature monitoring of cables and connections

LED Lighting

LED lighting is by far the most energy-efficient and smart solution on the market today. You can help our environment and cut your carbon footprint by up to a third by changing.